The Designer



Brooklyn-born jewelry designer Rick Cameron is widely known for his dramatic artistry - which blends Art Deco-inspired elements in elegant animal motifs - and for superb workmanship.

“Although I was educated as a geologist and oceanographer, I spent my first 15 years out of school in a variety of entrepreneurial business pursuits, culminating in the late 1980s, as vice president of a fine jewelry manufacturer. A totally unexpected ‘mystical’ event led me to jewelry design. I was in the middle of a meeting when suddenly there was a burst of white light, and floating in the light was a coiled metallic serpent - all angles, bevels and mirrored surfaces. This experience not only informed my future work - it changed the arc of my life.

“The ‘vision’ inspired me to design a series of snake belt buckles, cufflinks, earrings and rings. These became the first designs in a collection of wildlife jewelry which launched at the Designers’ Collective in NY in 1990. The response was genuinely enthusiastic. (After seeing the snake design, a member of the board of directors of a prestigious New York museum told me that she believed it had “no artistic precedent").

“I am a passionate animal lover, and my respect and reverence for wildlife, along with the mystical vision of the serpent, continually inspire my artistic expressions, and are embodied in the power and grace of my designs.

“As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by, and drawn to, wild animals. I am saddened and angered by mankind’s reckless disregard for the well-being of all the other beautiful creatures with whom we share the world. That is why my designs focus on animals threatened by the intended and unintended consequences of man’s activities. My artistic goal has been to create compelling, out-of-the-ordinary fine jewelry ‘sculptures’ that people would enjoy as wearable art and would, at the same time, serve as reminders that we are all responsible for protecting these remarkable 'beings'.

“Through striking representations of these at-risk animals, I hope to inspire admiration and respect, and to ensure that they - like us - have a vibrant future on a healthy planet.”