The Collection

Dramatic Wildlife Jewelry & Accessories in a unique Deco-inspired style
that offers a bold and unusual look in men's and women's jewelry

The Cameron Collection, handcrafted at our New York workshop, was launched in 1990, and features dramatic, Deco-inspired wildlife jewelry and accessories. Depicting horses, lions, wolves, serpents, eagles, panthers, and other animals and nature themes, the elegant and sophisticated collection offers a bold and unusual look in men's and women's jewelry. The designs have been sold in some of the finest jewelry and specialty stores in the country, and are worn by rock stars and royalty, as well as by people in all walks of life seeking something out-of-the-ordinary. All of our work is sculptural, and each piece evokes distinctive, powerful and graceful images.

Materials & Finishes


We utilize four variations of Sterling Silver: traditional (polished or antiqued) sterling, heavy 18K gold-plated sterling (1 - 2 micron), Black Sterling™, and rhodium-plated sterling.


Since we use the term "antiqued" or "antiquing" on almost every page of our site, we should explain what it means.

When a design has a lot of detail, like our animal heads, the glare of a polished finish makes it difficult to see what the design actually represents. To avoid this, we darken the fine lines and recesses of the design (chemically, in the case of traditional sterling, and with hand-applied lacquer in the case of gold-plated or solid gold), while leaving the smooth, higher areas of the design bright. The result is a polished finish that is still identifiable.

1. Traditional Sterling means that a piece has been highly polished, or antiqued.

2. 18K Gold-plated Sterling - These pieces will either be high-polished, polished with a light hand-antiquing to highlight detail, sandblasted to make the entire piece Matte, or given a mixed finish which combines polished and matte surfaces. All of our gold-plating is heavy: we use 2 microns (80 mils) on bracelets and rings, one (1) micron (40 mils) on everything else. This means that our plating is 20 - 40 times thicker than what is normally called 'gold-plating'.

3. Black Sterling™ is produced by a proprietary finishing process, involving both chemical and physical parameters, which turns the metal shiny black or dark satiny gray, depending on whether a surface is polished or matte. Mixed finishes, which juxtapose polished surfaces with matte surfaces, can be especially striking. 'Black' is unquestionably sophisticated.

4. Rhodium-plated Sterling - Rhodium is a 'white' metal, in the platinum 'family'. We use it (as an alternative to Black Sterling™), on pieces with matte or mixed finishes when a ‘silver’ look is desirable.The rhodium protects the matte surfaces, which would otherwise be more susceptible to visible damage than would a polished surface. Also, it virtually eliminates tarnishing.

14K & 18K Gold

We offer three gold colors: Yellow, White and Rose. If a polished finish is selected, and the design has detail, (i.e. not just a flat surface), we generally 'antique' the piece by hand-painting the recesses of the design with a black lacquer. This achieves the same result that antiquing does for sterling. The lacquer can be removed or lightened with acetone. As with sterling, mixed finishes are also an option.


Since our work is largely representational, the emphasis is on the image as expressed in the metal. Gemstones are used primarily as accents rather than as the main design element or focus.

When selecting stones, we make every effort to to find the brightest and liveliest of each type in the size and shape required for the particular design. In the case of diamonds, this is quite straightforward because there is a reasonably consistent, universally-accepted grading system which defines clarity and color. For example, all of the round diamonds that we use are SI1, VS or VVS clarity, F-H color, depending on design and metal; the marquises and triangles are VS clarity, G-H color.

When it comes to Colored gemstones, quality is much more subjective. There is no universally-accepted grading system. We rely on the advice and reputation of the dealer from whom we are buying and upon my own judgement of a stone's beauty. I think you will be pleased with my choices.

Cuff Links & Studs

All cufflink & stud sets consist of a pair of cufflinks and four (4) tuxedo studs.

Since almost all of our cuff links are representational, (i.e. animals, hands etc.), each has a particular position that it is supposed to maintain on the cuff. To accomplish this, I have designed my own fixed, non-movable cufflink backs. Unlike the typical wingback with which you are probably familiar, our stationary fork-shaped back insures that the link doesn't change position. Once you've learned the trick, these are just as easy to put on as wingbacks, with the added advantage of having no spring to wear out.


Posts - All posts are either 14K gold (for sterling or 14K earrings), or 18K gold (for 18K earrings).

Clips - We use omega-style clips, either sterling, 14K or 18K to match the metal of the earring. 

Leverbacks - A ‘dangling’ option for smaller, lighter earrings.