Customer Reviews


If one can be judged by the company one keeps, then perhaps the exceptional stores which have, at one time or another, carried our designs, will serve as an indication of the quality of our work. Although today we sell exclusively on the web to people like yourself, a list of those stores would include:

Napoleon - NYC
Cellini (Waldorf Astoria) - NYC
Maurice (Plaza Hotel) - NYC
Carl Meyers - Lexington, KY
Coleman Adler & Sons - New Orleans, LA
Firenze - Steamboat Spgs, CO 
Designers Fine Jewelry - Bend, OR 
Curious George - Aspen, CO
Lux, Bond & Green - W. Hartford, CT
Lions Ltd. Fine Jewelry - Charlotte, NC 
 - Worthington, OH 

Goodson Jewelry Gallery - Malibu, CA
The Jewelry Shop (Ritz Carlton) - Marina Del Rey, CA
N. Fox Jewelers - Saratoga Springs, NY
Neiman Marcus (Catalog)
Jensen-Stern Jewelers - Ketchum, ID
Molina Fine Jewelry - Phoenix, AZ
Shreve, Crump & Low - Boston, MA
Nordstrom’s - DC Area
Billy Martin’s - NYC & LA
Govberg Jewelers - Bala Cynwyd, PA
Fred Hayman Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills, CA
Hermanus Jewelers - Curacao, NA
Walker Christopher, Ltd. - Hamilton, Bermuda
Optional Art - Sarasota, FL & Martha’s Vineyard, MA
De La Creme - Dallas, TX
Emily Ruffin Design - Taos, NM
Wehmeier’s Belt Shop - New Orleans, LA


"I am pleased to let you know that I received my lion (Style 403PE, 18K white gold, customized with Peridot and Black Onyx in lieu of diamonds). I am absolutely happy with the great quality work. I'll make sure to refer you to my friends and family. It was a pleasure working with you."
A. Punian (Sacramento, CA)

"Wow. What can I say except two words Beautiful & Awsome!!!"  (Style 107PE, Horse Pendant in 14K rose gold)
J. Hancock (Derbyshire, U.K.)

"The (large Wolf) cufflinks arrived today and they look great! Thank you so much for your help and getting them to me so quickly." 
K. Johnson (Cape May, NJ) 

"They (Style 103, Lion Cufflinks) are absolutely amazing! The website picture does not do them justice. The gentleman I got them for will no doubt love them. Hopefully soon I can get your Saturn Pendant for myself." B. Cleveland (Memphis, TN)

"I received the cufflinks (Horse Cufflinks Style 107 and Wolf Cufflinks Style 109) and I totally loved them ...Thank you so much for your efforts and I'm sure that I will get more pieces in the future."
I. Al-Jefairi (Doha, Qatar)

"I love it! (Prancing Mare Horse Ring) My eyes keep going back to it on my finger.
Your craftsmanship is impressive and you're absolutely right about your stone setter.
The ring is very solid and smooth. It will not be the last piece I order from you..."
E. Lemans (San Francisco, CA)

"I can't believe the beauty of this thing (Wolf Bracelet). It is has a majestic feel and aura about it, and best of all, it fits perfectly like you measured my hand in the made my whole year end with a massive bang. Thank you...I love it..."
M. Toma (Sydney, Australia)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful lion watch buckle you made for me!!! It is fantastic!!! I wanted to show you how great the buckle looks with my watch. Please see the attached pictures and again, thank you so much for your awesome work!!"
T. Taylor (Franklin, MA)

The Chrysler (Eagle) gargoyle cuff links arrived today and they are stunning! Thank you so much for working with me on this sale. I look forward to many years of use and enjoyment of this item."
R. Larson (San Antonio, TX)"

Just wanted to let you know that my Wolf Head cuff links have arrived safe and that they are quite simply stunning. I am extremely happy with the purchase and the speedy manner in which you shipped them from the “Big Apple” all the way to bonnie Scotland. As you are aware the links are for my formal highland wear and I shall wear them with pride at my good friends wedding on the 1st November 2014. Stylish, Contemporary and superbly crafted. Thank You.
Nathan Ellis-Calcott (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The (Lion) Pendant is beautiful and the details in it are amazing. Thank you very much for taking the time to make him.
D. Towns (College Station, TX)

"The belts are a perfect fit, beautifully made and finished. Very Happy..."
R. Gershman (Los Angeles, CA)

"My husband loves the (Lion) buckle and is already wearing it.
M. Giuffre (N. Vancouver, Canada)

"I just wanted to let you know that the (Wolf) ring arrived as you said, with a few days to spare before Christmas, and my partner loves it. The quality and design are fantastic and it suits him down to the ground."
E. Navarro (Manchester, UK)

"... I have received them (the matte black panther cufflinks) and they are awesome. Thank you so much, and I look forward to getting more in the future."
C. Richmond (NYC)

"...a special thank you for my beautiful (Wolf) ring. It is everything I knew it would be and more. I would like to give you a little background on myself and why I picked this ring.
For the last 12 years my husband and I have been the caretakers of a small wolf dog sanctuary. We have some low contents, some mid contents, and some very high contents...People have said that I rescued these animals, but in reality, they have rescued me. On December 29 I lost Sophie. She was a high content wolf dog that I rescued out of Florida when she was 10 months old. When she passed, she was 10 years old.. She was always a wild free-spirit and my spirit heart. She was the female pack Alpha and the pack storyteller. I always said, when she howled she was telling the pack story to the world. My heart was broken...until I saw your ring. I told my husband I felt at peace when I looked at it... The moment I put it on my finger I knew that's where it belonged. It holds the spirit of the Hawk's Run pack, it holds Sophie's spirit. Thank you Rick..."
S. Spangler (Tennessee)

“......Joan and I are thrilled with the Lion pendant. Your pieces may not be the most expensive we have, but they are the most exquisite in design and craftsmanship...I could not be more pleased....”
S. LeSauvage (Dallas, TX)

”...They (Ghost Rider cufflinks) are just as you described in every way and perhaps more so to the naked eye...It is a pleasure to share, Rick, how refreshing it is to not only find someone passionate about their work but who did not over indulge themselves during the sales process when describing the product…. as delightfully elaborate and zealous as you were. Rightfully so, I may say...We are quite pleased to be giving a gift of such high caliber that meets your demanding, keen artistic eye, that in turn, also meets our own preference for giving high-quality gifts. Thank you also, for making this such a nice experience. It was indeed a pleasure.”
S. Waldrip (Richmond Hts., OH)

"I am delighted with them (Ghost Rider Horse Cufflinks) - a really nice and original design!"
G. McInnes (East Sussex, UK)

"You'll be glad to know that I absolutely love them (Wolf Cufflinks). They have a nice weight to them which reminds you that you're wearing them...I'll drop you some feedback on Etsy - it's been great doing business with you. Not only is your product great, but you give that personal service which I really value."
A. Foster (Nottingham, UK)

"...received your beautiful ring (Ghost Rider Horse Ring). As mentioned, you have caught the "essence of the horse" in gold. absolutely love it. I think the rose gold was a good choice also. it is very eye catching...p.s. my friend thought it was gorgeous!!"
B. Struble (Flowery Branch, GA)

"...They (Wolf Cufflinks, Style 109) are magnificent, am so pleased with them. I am sure my husband will be over the moon with them. Will let you know on the 9th March our silver wedding anniversary date what he thinks of them. Many thanks again."
J. Leitch (Fife, Scotland)

"We received your - let me call it... true masterpiece (14K Wolf Ring) just yesterday after paying some more taxes...we were speechless when seeing it for the first time. My husband was overwhelmed because he didn´t expect the ring to be so big and beautiful! So you must be very relieved now..and so are we. Everything went well and now it is truly a New Years present. And at some time in the future our son Tyson Wolf will get the ring from his father. . .isn´t that a nice story to end the year with?...
J. Thimm (Sauldorf, Germany)

"The (Wolf) ring was a HUGE hit! It's his new power object. Thank you again."
S. Angle (Vancouver, BC)

"The jewelry just came (lion pendant, lion earrings and lion tie tack), and all of the pieces are lovely! Thank you again for everything!!!"
C. Taylor (Bountiful, UT)

"I received my order and am pleased with the products....Actually, the pictures on the website don't do the product justice (Horse Cufflinks and Lapel Pin). My expectations were surpassed."
M. Pietrack (Grand Junction, CO)

"I was drawn to how beautiful and unique this piece is (Ghost Rider Pendant). It is stunning and I am very happy with it.
B. Farley (Los Angeles, CA)

"My husband loves them (Wolf Cufflinks customized with sapphire eyes). I just got them yesterday and had engraving done on them. Thank you for creating them. They look amazing."
M. Giuffre (N. Vancouver, Canada)

"They (Chrysler Eagle Cufflinks) arrived a few days ago and are absolutely gorgeous, many thanks!"
S. Heller-Andrist (Zurich, Switzerland)

"I gave my wife the (Lion) necklace and she absolutely loved it. She said that once again I had proven how well I knew her with this gift, which is always great to hear. I'm positive it will become the new favorite in her collection... Thanks so much for the amazing customer service and always being readily available to answer any of my questions and concerns during this process."
D. Saunders (Glendale, CA)

"... thankfully I experienced no trouble at the customs and am now a happy owner of your exquisite (Lion) cufflinks. You have been of tremendous help and this has been a wonderful shopping experience for me. I am truly looking forward to buying more of your fine work as soon as possible..."
K. Cenani (Istanbul, Turkey)

"Thought I would let you know that Alastair my husband thinks his (Wolf) cufflinks are fantastic! A totally wonderful surprise present. They have been well admired also by our friends and family."
J. Leitch (Fife, Scotland)

"I received my Lion ring today and to say you have exceeded my expectations is an understatement!!! I enjoy large chunky silver rings but what I received today is better than anything Hardy, Yurman, or Konstantino could have created. I do have pieces from each. Not only is the ring pleasing to the eye, it fits perfectly. Thank you so much for your skill and artistry."
S. Robinson (Rochester Hills, MI)

"The panther pin/pendant has arrived and it is absolutely stunning in elegance, beauty and craftsmanship. Everyone who has seen it this morning has been impressed. Your work is better than Cartier!..."
K. Welch (Houston, TX)

"The (Wolf) cufflinks and studs are wonderful. Wolfee loved them. Photos on Saturday. Your skill in design is amazing. Thank you."
T. Wolf (Cheyenne, WY)

“......I love my (lion) buckle, and get many compliments...”
Richard Thalheimer, Founder - The Sharper Image (San Francisco, CA)

"Just got my polar bear (pendant)! Love him, he is absolutely perfect."
G. Sepulveda (San Juan, PR)

“The Eagle (ring) Has Landed!!! It’s extremely beautiful. ...the best Christmas gift I got.”
N. Banacek (NYC)

“My order (lion cufflinks & studs) arrived yesterday. The images on your website, good as they are, do not do your work justice. The lions are a true work of art and are beautifully designed and crafted.”
E. Fein (Houston, TX)

“The (ostrich) belt and (lion) buckle set are exquisite..... It’s nice to have something so unique and well executed....”
A. Prisco, President - American Tomahawk Co. (Midland Pk, NJ)

“The (lion) earrings were beautiful and they made it on time! She loved them. Thanks again. .........”
P. King (Lake Jackson, TX)

Rick Cameron:
I'll let you know as soon as it arrives (18K Ghost Rider Ring). It will certainly make a wonderful addition to my growing collection of your uniquely enchanting works.
B.J. Lipp (Vermillion, SD)

“The package arrived yesterday and I am extremely pleased with both the (horse) cuff links and the earrings. I am certainly glad you offered and I opted for the diamonds on the Prancing Mare earrings. ...Many thanks for a fine, fine product.”
E. Midkiff (Montpelier, VA)

IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!!! (18K Lion Bolo) I will let you know the first time he wears it!
V. Kasputys (Leesburg, VA)

“Just received it and love it.”(Horse Wristwatch Buckle)
G. Wolfson (Syosset, NY)

“FABULOUS!! “(Lion Stud Ring)
J. Chambers (Burbank, CA)

“They’re great (Wolf Cufflinks). I love ‘em. .... Had been slightly worried that they may have been too big but they’re perfect. ......”
G. Coulthard (U.K.)

Hi, Rick!
Got it (Ghost Rider Ring/Black Sterling)!
R. Colter (Long Island, NY)

"Hi Rick. I received my silver wolf cuff links. They are perfect. I love them and they are going to make a fantastic gift (unless I decide to keep them for myself). Thank you!
M. Manuel (Alexandria, VA)

“...the hand cuff links (Style 104) are absolutely beautiful. Dr. Schenck ....said that they are a wonderful reproduction of the human hand, cuticles and all. I don’t think I can explain the look on his face. But from all of us here at Hand Surgery, Ltd.,we wish you many thanks on such a beautiful job and the timely fashion in which you got this to us.”
Lisa Figueroa (Chicago, IL)

"Oh my gosh - they (Horse Cuff Bracelets/Black Sterl.) are stunning. I can't believe how gorgeous they are - oh my......well worth the wait. Many, many thanks - you are special."
Susie Mortimer (San Diego, CA)

"The pendant (Large Lion Pendant) has arrived today.  Everything perfect, I like it very much. Thanks for your service and kindness."
Stefano Molinaro (Rome, Italy)

“’s (Snake Ring) absolutely beautiful. Just how I imagined it would be. ... Well done and thanks for all your hard work.”
Jill Simmons (U.K.)

“FANTAAASTIC!!!” (Black Sterling™ Panther Bracelet)
Fernando Rodriguez (Queens, NY)

“Our company logo is a lion head ( And Your lion head is the best I've ever seen. I love the horses too! They're beautiful! It took many hours of searching online to find the perfect lion heads.”
L. Cirruto (Schererville, IN)

“Thank you! It's really a joy to be wearing such a beautiful piece of jewelry.” (Ghost Rider Ring)
K.E. Newton (E. Brunswick, NJ)

Dear Rick, 
"I received the (Snake) ring today. It is more beautiful than I thought was possible, the sapphire is gorgeous! I love it! Thank you, thank you!"
Donna Powers (U.S.A.)

I have just received (lion) earrings and pendant! Wow...absolutely FANTASTIC! Better than Versace's lion. Lion is my zodiacal sign and also my favourite animal and this lion's representations is a true, marvellous work of art..... Now I'm waiting the buckle, and I'm sure it will be another great opera."
Ale Di Padova, (Milan, Italy)

The new deco lion ring is spectacular!!  I still love my original lion but the new one blows me away. I think I will wear it for special occasions only. Thanks for the beautiful work. It is a magnificent piece of wearable art. There are many lion rings around but there are none that can compare with these two pieces!  Did I tell you how much I like these rings."
J. Chambers (Burbank, CA)

"Good morning Rick and Happy New Year.  I want to let you know my wife loves the Lion Pendant. Thank you for making her Christmas special."
R. Millar (Red Hook, NY)

“Vicki is over the moon about the (Prancing Mare) pendant. It arrived the day she left the US to meet me while traveling abroad, which we are still doing. Just had access to email today. She hasn´t taken it off since she got it, including bedtime!....”
J. Kasputys (Leesburg, VA)

"I received the wolf pendant yesterday and I can't stop looking at him.
It's just perfection: the size, weight, design!  I like the loop for the chain... again, perfect. This is going to be my favorite piece of all. This wolf you created is something that I've been imagining and wanting for a very very long time and I can't believe it's become a reality...Thank you so much for walking me through this, keeping me posted, and being such a great guy. It's been such a pleasure! Now...... all you have to do is let me know when you decide to create/design again and make this wolf into a ring!"
B. Crane (Richmond, VA)

"Hi Rick,
I received my Lion Ring today. To say it is a piece of art is an understatement, it is more than I could ever have expected. I wish to thank you for your hard work and to let you know that I will enjoy this ring for a long long time to come."
B. Meldrum (Cornwall, Ontario)

We got them (Lion Earrings) today and she loves them!  They’re deep.  They have so much more “3rd dimension” to them than I gathered from the pictures on the website.  Once again, thank you and I can’t wait to see the hands when they arrive."
B. Gill (Madison, AL)

"WOW! its WONDERFUL!" (Black Sterling™ Ghost Rider Ring)
W. Halim (Pensacola, FL)

"Hi Rick,
We received the (501E Snake) earrings today, & they are great!
Thx so much."
N. Glass (Dallas, TX)

"Got them (Eagle Cufflinks in Blk Sterling w/dia) and they are just great!
Thank you so much. Will always keep you in mind for other items."
R. Piper (Alexandria, VA)

"Well, I have just received the (Blk Sterling™ Panther) pendant & chain & in a word, WOW! What a magnificent piece ot artwork...."
J. Glyde (Queensland, Australia)

"Just want to let you know that I have just received my lion ring (R203) today! It is wonderfully made & it fits perfectly! I don't know how you did it, but it fits even better & more comfortable than any of my other custom-made rings locally. Your lion design is "The Best" from the whole internet community that one can find! Thank you..."
P. Kwan (Ontario, Canada)

Love them!  (Chrysler Eagle Cufflinks) Thanks.
R. Froio (New York City)

"Today the paket is arrived – only 5 days from New York to Austria in my little country – sensation! I have opened and there was a nice green jewelry box inside. In the jewelry box was this beautiful piece of design: the lion pendant – sooooo absolutely beautiful – dreamlike !!!.. Many thanks for your nice and reliable customer service."
R. Marketz (Graz - Austria)
"The (Eagle) tie tack arrived today and it is OUTSTANDING! Thank you very much."
C. Knappenberger (Jim Thorpe, PA)

Hi Rick,
Got the package today (Lion Key Ring) x. Absolutely LOVE IT! It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
A. Sherman (Coral Springs, FL)

I received your (rhodium-plated Ghost Rider) ring on Saturday and I can only say one thing, I love it! I love it! I love it! Very nice work! ..... Thanks again and again.
J.M. Sheridan (Elbert, CO)

"Got the (Chrysler) Eagle cuff links a few days ago. They are fantastic. Very much what I expected....when I saw these on your website, had to have them...."
D. Gibson (Dallas, TX)

I just wanted to let you know we received the (14K Ghost Rider) ring. It is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much.
K. Lackowski (Schaumburg, IL)

The Wolf Ring...arrived yesterday. Unfortunately I have no witty comment yet, but I will work on that.  I just want to thank you. The ring is beautiful. The level of craftsmanship and design is stunning. It's always a pleasure to receive a jewelry piece from you...that will bring joy for a long long time.
N. Banaszak (Brooklyn, NY)

I just received the (Wolf) buckle  -”Joshua” earned his sirloin..he is beautiful. Thank you for your prompt attention. He’s going to work with me now ( after I plow out – the Huskies here are going nuts frolicking in the  new fallen snow).
Dr. M.E. Themens (Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada)

Rick, the exquisite (Wolf and Lion) rings are on my fingers!  Absolutely beautiful! The designs are quite extraordinary. I am so pleased....
M. Collart (Columbus, OH)

Rick, I just got my husband's birthday gift and I'm so excited. Thank you for the quick delivery. The lion (Key Ring) is amazing!!! The photo on the website doesn't do justice to the detailed craftsmanship of your work. I'm so glad I have Googled upon you. I'll let you know how he likes it on the 11th...
A. Ben-Shaul (Seattle, WA)

Ari loved the lion (Key Ring). He was surprised how heavy it was, and like me, he admired all the detailed work..."
A. Ben-Shaul (Seattle, WA)

"She loves it (Polar Bear Pendant) and has worn it at least 10 times."
L. Levin (North Hills, NY)

"I received the wolf cufflinks (Style 106) yesterday. They are amazing. I will wear them proudly..."
C. Sterbach (Corpus Christi, TX)

" both the (Wolf) cufflinks and the (Wolf) buckle and the (alligator) belt – all very cool..." 
J. Malott (Dallas, TX)

"The Watch Collector’s box has arrived. It looks beautiful. My man hasn’t seen it yet, as it’s a gift for his birthday in May."
M. Wisoley (Calgary, Alberta)

"... she loved it, absolutely loved it, and I thought it was awesome (Lion Cuff Bracelet)..."
S. Chastain (Hickory, NC)

"Well Klondike the polar bear (Pendant) simply stunning! The three breath-taking. Thank you so much!  (He) made his debut at the office this morning and is quite a hit. I have a beautiful silver omega chain and...the way you have the bale works well..."
M. Collart (Columbus, OH)

(Chrysler) "Eagles arrived Friday - on the birthday! and they are SPECTACULAR. Even better in person, so to speak. My husband is thrilled - as am I. Many thanks for your customer care and a wonderfully crafted set of cufflinks." 
J. Sands (NYC)

"Just wanted to thank you for getting those (Style 100) snake earrings out to me as soon as you did... She LOVES them to death! Unique...the design is unlike any you can find in stores..."
R. Orallo (El Centro, CA)

"My wife absolutely loved the Wolf (mini) pendant. She was ecstatic. Nice job."
C. Sterbach (Corpus Christi, TX)

"I have now had my lion ring R208S for around 1 1/ girlfriend and I ......went to a well known and reputable jewelry store called Pommier Jewellers. The owner of the store...asked me to let you know that it is "very good workmanship" and was a very good looking ring...I am still enjoying the ring as much today as the first day I put it on."
B. Meldrum (Cornwall, Ontario)

"I have to say that was one well wrapped package!!!...AND the ring box it came in is my favorite color!...It ('Ghost Rider') IS a beautiful ring!! Such an AMAZING design!! I really love the "art deco" style, the way it flows, it is quite an "heirloom" piece!!...Those EYES really FLASH!...Thanks, again, for all your patience in answering the tons of questions I've had. You've been very good to communicate with ... and I think it is neat that I actually ordered it from THE DESIGNER, himself!!..."
D. Beaupeurt (Rifle, Colorado)

"Hi Rick,
...I have never seen such an exquisite ring as (R207) my Horse "Thunder" ring!! WOW does not cover the beauty and quality of the piece. As you know, I had you make my ring w/white gold and the horse in rose gold w/a diamond eye and a blue sapphire...The details on the band and especially on the horse are so true to the magnificent horse!...this ring has special meaning to me and is worn out of my love and dedication to my very special horse "Wrangler"...everyone notices it and I get compliments from so many people... thank you for..this beautiful piece of "art" I will wear always!"
J. Adams (Saugus, MA)

"I got the Panther Buckle and it might be the coolest thing I own."
J. Malott (Dallas, TX)

"...the Prancing Mare (Pendant, Black Sterling™ w/Blue Sapphire)....arrived last Thursday in good order. She is simply beautiful. Rick, you truly capture the spirit of animals in your designs. If a piece of jewelry could have a soul, yours do..."
M. Collart (Columbus, OH)

"I've got to be honest, this (Lion Pendant, Style 403PE) is the most awesome piece of art I've ever seen. I had already a Lion tattoo on my back so I needed this one as a necklace to complete...Thanks for fast delivery..."
F. Fidanza (Nimes, France)

"Absolutely superb! This (Wolf) ring speaks volumes to my personality. This seriously has got to be the coolest ring I have by miles. All the other stuff is commercial nonsense. I can't wait to get out there. I'm going to be drowning in compliments from this super fly ring!!! Thanks a lot Rick. You made a beauty, and give a few pats to your "pooch" [The huskie, I mean wolf]. He looks great in silver."
S. Kohen (Montreal, Canada) 

"... It (Lion Ring, Style R208S) is for my uncle and his zodiac sign is the lion and so he loves lion jewelry. Hence, it is almost a guarantee that he will like it very much – and also because it is such a beautiful work of art of course. Actually he wished specifically for a lion ring and there were other lion rings on the net, but they were nothing compared to the one you made for me..."
C.A. Ulse (Copenhagen, Denmark)

"I think the (Wolf) bracelet is beautiful – I’m very excited about it (can’t stop looking at it actually)."   
J.D. Malott (Dallas, TX)

"....I LOVED it!!!(Cognac Alligator Money Clip) My fiancee was elated. He kept taking it out of his pocket to look at it. It's just gorgeous! I think I am going to have to go back to the website and peruse the 'hers' section..."
M. Stevens (Westlake, OH)

"I just wanted to let you know that I have received the Lions (Earrings, Style 103E) yesterday and I absolutely adore them. They are simply stunning and I am truly glad I stumbled across your Etsy store..."
M.I. Schaefer (The Hague, Netherlands)
"The gorgeous (Horse) cufflinks and studs (Style 107/S - 18K) arrived last Friday. I showed them to my husband this weekend; he is absolutely thrilled!
Thank you!"
L. Furey (Los Angeles, CA)

"I just wanted... let you know I received the (Chrysler Eagle) links today.  They are gorgeous!...Thank you for all your help! I appreciate you taking the time to communicate personally with me; it is tremendous in a world where automated processes are the norm."
L. Gilmore (Boston, MA)

"Hi Rick
It is Catharina - I'm the one who bought the lionhead ring (R208S) for my uncle for Christmas and I promised to tell you how he liked it. At first he was at a loss for words, and then he said that it was the most beautuful ring he had ever been given so it was a huge sucess and it fits him perfectly."
C. Ulse (Copenhagen, Denmark)

"Thank you so much for the (Wolf) ring. My husband loves it. It is just what he has been looking for."
A. Petrain (Londonderry, NH)

"...Eagle (Pendant, antiqued Sterling) landed on 12/23.  She absolutely loved it... Thank you so much for making our Christmas a very special one...."
G. Blackford (Stanwood, WA)

"My (Wolf) ring is stunning!!! It is truely a work of art...I love wolves and am dedicated to preserving them. I wear your ring with pride."
S.W. (Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA)

" The (Lion) ring finally arrived today. It is exquisite. If he doesn't like it (but I'm sure he will), I'll have it resized and wear it myself! Now all I have to do is keep it a secret for a few more days. That will not be easy..."
S. Porter (Sydney, Canada)

"His name is "Soul Cloud" (the Wolf Ring) and he is spectacular! I received him today. Thank you for creating such a masterpiece! We are bonding!"
J. MacKay (Indianapolis, IN)

"Hi Rick incredibly beautiful Eagle (Ring).  It is MAGNIFICENT  - - -  Thank you.  I love it...”
P. Cushman (Milwaukie, OR)

"...As soon as she saw the logo...she got all excited (gave it to her [the Lion Cuff Bracelet] over dinner last night at one of her favorite places). Once she opened it she started crying, yes crying and she kept saying “I can’t believe you got it! She was able to adjust it down a little to fit her wrist and she wore it the entire evening. She kept commenting on how much attention to detail you had put into it, down to the lions teeth and the grooves on the side that run into the mane...this is the first time I’ve had something in hand that looked better in person than it did on the internet...She said she wanted to wear it to work today too to show it off...She said to tell you that you do wonderful work. I would say we hit it out of the park on this one my friend!"
D. Testa (The Colony, TX)

"Good Morning Rick,
Oh my goodness!...She ('Prancing Mare' ring) is lovely...Absolutely Beautiful!  She will be cherished.  Thank you sooo very much.  WOW!"
M. Rochester (Santa Fe, NM)

"Looks great! (Lion Pendant/103PE). I love it."
J. Butkus (Grandville, MI)

"Hi Rick,
It is Catharina from Denmark. I just gave my uncle his lion bracelet and he loves it. He is going to wear it all the time – like he also wears the lion ring all the time..."
C. Ulse (Copenhagen, Denmark)

"The cufflinks (Lion, Style 108) are beautiful - they made the perfect gift for my boyfriend's birthday..."
A. Ilse (Sioux Falls, SD)

"I received 'Thunder' (Tie Tack/Lapel Pin, Style 107P) today- he is so beautiful!  More beautiful than I imagined- I hope I can wait until Christmas to give it to my husband... Thank you, thank you for your lovely, strong work and design."
J. Thomas (Santa Barbara, CA)

"I never dreamed how much I would grow to love my lion pendant...  I always have it on even when I am not wearing any other jewelry.  There have been evenings when I was just running to the store to quickly pick something up and I would hesitate right before leaving the lion where I keep him and then grab him up before walking out the door.  The pendant has received numerous compliments and many people ask me where I got the lion... I adore the lion and have him with me all the time."
R. B. Horst (Newbury Park, CA)

"Dear Rick,
...The Wolf Cufflinks are absolutely husband is thrilled... he fell in love with them instantly!..."
A.E. Miron (Petresti, Romania)

"The Lion Pendant is gorgeous; I wear it almost every day! Thank you for the quick delivery and fine work."
A. Sasser (Kaukauna, WI)

"Hi Rick,
I received my Horse (Buckle) 'Thunder' and Keeper today. I wanted to let you know that I LOVE HIM!  This piece is even more beautiful in person! Thank you again for designing such beautiful things and for getting them to me so quickly... I am looking forward to doing business with you again in the future..."
A. Cushman (Vermontville, NY)

"I recieved the (Wolf) ring...very nice in every respect. Good fit, great looking, nice weight. I am pleased with my purchase and would buy from you again."
P. Murphy (Prince Frederick, MD)

"He is beautiful (Wolf Ring)! Our son was very happy with his gift!"
C. Schmid (Greenwood, IN)

"They look spectacular!! (Wolf Cufflinks & Mini Pendants)...They were a hit! We intergrated the wolf so well into our meeting that people were howling at the hotel bar each night! Shaun Eliis, Wolf Empire and your cufflinks/ pendants were the perfect trifecta."
C. Marshall (Life Technologies Corp., Carlsbad, CA)

"....I received the (Snake) earrings yesterday, they are perfect. I find them amazing, very modern and original, I'm sure my sister will adore them....Thanks so much for this perfect transaction, and the great communication."
G. Nanga (Ivry Sur Seine, France)

"... Thunder (Horse) pendant has arrived! It exceeded my expectations--I am very happy! The precision of details, the overall look and feel are amazing... Thank you for...such a marvellous piece!... And was I impressed by the packaging. The box and the pouch made the whole process of opening seem like a ceremony. It was of my greatest pleasure to deal with you, dear sir. Not only you have a satisfied customer, but also a very happy one. I am recommending my friends to buy from you."
V. Yankin (Pushkin, Russia)

"I received the (Style 403PE Lion) pendant and it is beautiful! I am so impressed with your artistry..."
M. Hasson (Los Angeles, CA)

"The lion pendant is exquisite! Thank you so much...your work is beautiful."
S. Goodwin (Douglas, Alaska)

"Just to let you know I have recieved the (Wolf) ring this afternoon. It really looks stunning and actually resembles my old husky, again many thanks."
G. Wiersma (Netherlands)

"Just received the (14K Lion) pendant. It' is stunning, really beautiful, I just LOVE it and it's perfect. You have real talent...The only problem will be to wait until July 25th (2012) to offer it to my husband...I wanted to thank you for your great work, I will of course let you know how my husband liked it..."
B. Bourenkov (Switzerland)

"I just wanted to say thank you for your great service through my order process for the lion pendant. I gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday and he loves it. I knew it was going to be nice, but the quality and craftsmanship definitely exceeded my expectations!"
R. Andrews (Minnesota)

"...Thank you (for the Lion Pendant). It is beautiful and our son is very pleased with it. I love the design and the antiqued look. It is really superb..."
L. Dowsett (Australia)

"Hello Rick,
I wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job designing the "Thunder" money clip. I absolutely love it! If I had to describe it in only one word, it would be "magnificent"! As always, another job/design well done...I love, love, love it! "
A. Cushman (Vermontville, NY)

"The ring ('Prancing Mare') couldn't be more beautiful: it's absolutely the most beautiful piece of jewelry I've ever been given and I will treasure it forever."
T. Wolfe (Los Angeles, CA)

"My husband LOVES them (Style 109 Wolf Cufflinks). The large size was perfect for him (not too large). They are truly magnificent. Thank you so much for making such a quality product with such a great design!"
S. Sharpe (Bryn Mawr, PA)

"I have received the (Wolf) pendant and chain; its more stunning than I thought it would look. Your craftsmanship is well appreciated here...."
R. Heady (St. Petersburg, FL)

"...Received both the pieces (Lion Money Clip & Lion Pendant) and as usual, both are "showstoppers". The clip fits right in with my Lion ring and cufflinks. The Pendant is a birthday present for my Wife... Thanks once again for the beautiful work and please stay in touch.
J. Raymond (Addison, IL)

"Dear Rick:
I just received your Wolf Cufflinks (Style 106) and I think they are beautifully made and exactly as depicted online. I just love them and they will be the perfect gift!.."
P. DiBetta (Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ)

"I absolutely love them (Style 100E, Snake Earrings). Thanks!"
P. Lee (Ellicott, MD)

"The (Brown Alligator credit card case/money clip) arrived on Monday, just in time for Christmas, and my husband loves it! Thank you so much..."
M. Taylor-Browne (Augusta, ME)

"I purchased one (Magnetic Money Clip) in December and absolutely love it. It's now time to replace my black (Ostrich) one. Thank you for producing a very high quality product..."
R. Sweet (Tarpon Springs, FL)

"Hi Rick!
I received the (black ostrich) money clip a few days ago and it's as great as my first one. I'm certainly going to enjoy it. Thank you!..."
R. Sweet (Tarpon Springs, FL)

...Received the (Lion) earrings. Stunning, and Elegant!!
love love love em! Thanks so much, will send photos!..."
J. Gilbert (Baytown, TX)

"WOW!!! You guys have an incredible business model. Top notch all the way...Lion (Pendant) arrived already. Love it! Thanks."
R. Brown (S. Pasadena, CA) 

I recieved the set (Lion Cufflinks & Studs) last week but was out of town and didn't actually see them until last night. They look fantastic and i am very excited about wearing them."
A. Radetsky (NYC)

"...The pieces arrived (Polar Bear Pendant & Lion Link Bracelet) and are incredibly beautiful. The only bad thing about a Cameron lion is you can't have just one! The polar bear profile is perfect. After working with them for several years in a zoo I have come to recognize the characteristics of these animals down to fine detail. Thank you once again for your incredible artistic perfection."
T. Gibens (Adamsville, TN)

"...we received the (Lion Charm) pendant yesterday and it is so beautiful! Thank you so much!"
M. Spaleta (Arlington, MA)

"Hello Rick,
I just wanted to let you know that the (Double Hand) cufflinks arrived today. The workmanship & attention to detail has exceeded my expectations! They're truly a wearable work of art; the perfect accoutrement for an Art College graduation ceremony. Thanks again."
E. Quick (Wallingford,PA)

"I received the (Style 103, Lion) cuff links today and I love them; they are perfect and I know my husband will be very pleased."
A. Barbash (Glendale, NY)

"Hi Rick,
Both the (Lion) stud earring and the (Lion Cuff) bracelet were BIG hits with my wife. She was both surprised and delighted. In fact, when I told her the bracelet was temporary and that a new one was being made, she asked why since "I love this one." I explained that ... I wanted a diamond to match the stud...."
B. Brandwen (NYC)

"Good morning from Norway :
The Lion Keychain has arrived. I am very satisfied! It is a present for my husband, though, and I hope he will like it too! Thank you for exceptional service!" ["just letting you know that my husband really liked the Lion Keychain! He loved the design, and particularly liked the proportions."]
J. Sekse (Skien, Norway)

"I wish to thank and also commend you on the superb work you have done on my wolf ring. The level of skill and craftsmanship are greatly evident and its beauty is astonishing! A work of art that outshines many others. It is truly a magnificent piece, worthy of high praise. It already occupies the highest place of honor among my other cherished jewelry pieces. This ring brings me great joy! Please know that I will wear it always and treasure it forever! Thank you."
D. Velez (Parlin, NJ)

"...My boyfriend loves your cuff links (Gothic, 14K with blue-green tourmaline). It's a hit! ..."
C. Ferguson (Newport Coast, CA)

"I just received it (Wolf Keyring) on the 24th in the afternoon. A true Chrismas gift! My husband absolutely loves it! I wanted to thank you again for the time you took to answer my questions during that busy time. I am a very happy and satisfied customer!"
E. Marcoux (Roxboro, Canada)

"The Eagles (Eagle Stud Cufflinks) have landed. Very, very nice...."
D. Crandall (Houston, TX)

"Hi and thanks! My son loves it." (Wolf Ring)
D. Toman (Waban, MA)

"It (small Lion Pendant) is gorgeous. I am very very happy with how this came out. You did beautiful work. The selection of gems (champagne diamonds and orange sapphires) was right on the spot. I will treasure this, and someday it will be part of my estate...I adore it.  I am so happy that you took on the project."
R. Horst (Newbury Pk., CA)

"Thank you - I'm delighted with the (Lion) earrings & cuff links...They are beautiful & I think your design is excellent. They (the Lion Earrings) are not too big - just right.
A very big thank you for such a creative design."
R. Grosser (Queensland, Australia)

"Received the cufflinks (Lions, Style 103). They look great. Thanks."
J. Talamas (The Woodlands, TX)

"I love it (Lion Pendant)! Thank you."
S. Serrano (Texas)

"...the Wolves (Style 109, Wolf Cufflinks) were fantastic. Much appreciated. Will be contacting you shortly for another order."
S. Agafonkin (Chicago, IL)

"I get the ring ('Thunder' Horse Ring) and it's very nice and high quality work. in the end it was worth all that time . Thank you for everything and I hope in the future i will make more orders from you."
Q. Hussein (Baghdad, Iraq)

"It's certainly the classiest ... wolf ring I could find. It says I 'could date a supermodel and lead a biker gang at the same time'."
B. McAnally (U.S. Military - Deployed)

"I am interested in getting my husband a lion belt buckle. ... I saw the one on your website and it is beautiful...Your work is stunning and although I am looking at various (less expensive) options on-line, nothing compares to yours."
S. Osmers (St. Leo, FL)

"Hi Rick,

The (Style 103 Lion) cuff links arrived yesterday. I am absolutely delighted with them! They look fantastic on the shirt I'll be wearing at the wedding. Thank you very much for the cuff links and the great service. Happy Fourth of July!"
W. Peace (Burlington, ONT)

"Got it and I love it (Style 403PE, Lion Pendant) !! Best piece I've seen !! Thank you rick"
D. Vargas (Forest Heights, MD)

" husband LOVVVEEED the (Style 109 Wolf) cufflinks, and thinks they are the best birthday present ever. In fact, he was so stunned by the workmanship and the effect that he kept pulling them out of the box every now and then to look at them - or should I say, drool over them. He has since worn them (after some initial fears that these were too sexy for his conservative work place) and I'm waiting for him to hit a critical threshold before I can officially "borrow" them from him."
K. Udayasankar (Singapore)

"The (Chrysler) Eagles have landed! Stunning. We'll be out flying together tomorrow."
I. Claydon (Hartlepool, UK)

"She love's the (Small Prancing Mare) pendant. It turned out perfect. ... Thanks for getting it here on time!"
J. Renschler (Indianapolis, IN)

"Hi Rick - the earrings are lovely (Style 103E Lion Earrings). I gave them to my boss today, and she loves them. She put them on straight away and they look great on her. Thank you!!!"
H. May (NYC)

"Received yesterday (Wolf Ring), superb. ! Many thanks ! "

T. Hahn (Williamstown, NJ)

"I loved that the (Lion) cufflinks were so chunky and big!
My husband loved them. The only little part that we were not so sure on was the antiquing.
We probably would of preferred them just shinny gold but until you see them live you are not sure.
Thank you again for all your efforts. It was very appreciated. Cheers"
L. Kolevski (NSW, Australia)

"Really like them (Chrysler Eagle Cufflinks): well produced, strong and masculine, without being “too much”. "
C. Faillace (New York City)

"Greetings Rick,

Last weekend I gave my son his wolf ring and he loved it. The fit was perfect too. Thank you for such a wonderful gift for his 40th birthday!"

S. Strom (Eureka, CA)

"Hi Rick,

I love the lion tie tacks and wrist watch buckle you crafted for me! I know you do not have a tie bar as one of your options, but would you ever consider crafting a sterling silver lion tie bar? I hope all is well and thank you."

T. Colligan

"Good morning, Rick! My Ghost Rider (Ring) is beautiful. I’m so pleased with him – wanted to let you know!"
K. Birdseye (Kentucky)

"Dear Rick
The Necklace (Lion Pendant, Style 103PE) arrived today and my partner is as thrilled with it as I am!! Its lovely. Many thanks. I would certainly recommend you to anyone I know who may want similar jewellery in the future."
S. Dean ( Stoke-on-Trent, UK)

"Good morning, Rick,
I have just received the lion (cuff) bracelet. It's beautiful and it fits perfectly."
M. Listik (Vienna, Austria)

"I love this pendant (Lion in 14K). Better than my other pendants. Thank you..."
D. Brooks (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)

"Hi Rick
My wife really loved the gold horse pendant (Style 107PE - Thunder Horse Pendant) and chain for her birthday. Looks amazing on her. Thanks so much"
C. Cobelas (Chirnside Park, Australia)

"Hi Rick:
I received the item today! The Ring (Style R208S - Lion Stud Ring, 14K( is gorgeous! Thank you!!!"
A. Kuklin (Dedham, MA)

"It's BEAUTIFUL (Style R213 - Prancing Mare Horse Ring w/Pink Sapphires).Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays."
S. Einsiedler (Howell, NJ)

"She loves them (Style 102E Gothic Earrings); they are perfect. I think they are elegant."
l. Levin (North Hills, NY)

I am a collector of cufflinks for many many years and as such have a wide variety of some of the best designed LINKS made by the best designers in the world. These cufflinks (Wolf Cufflinks, Style 109) fit at the very top of my collection as to design, presentation, craftsmanship, quality and finally a sense of pride, which is hard to define to someone that does not know the artist and the manufacturer and their commitment to making a GREAT product. This is further reason as to why they go to the top of my list!
J. Kaufman (Miami, FLA)

Hi Rick,
The Lion (Pendant, Style 103PE) has landed, and he is gorgeous! Thank you so much. I will enjoy showing him off. Your craftsmanship is really beautiful.
S. Zippay (Portland, OR)

"Rick, Got the Ghost Rider pendant. It's a work of art. Took it to a local jeweler to get a chain and even they were impressed with the design. My wife is going to love it...Thanks again, for all..."
K. Sites (Hong Kong)

"Beautiful! (103PE Lion Pendant in 14K Gold) You have a gift. She loves it, thank you very much. Let me know how you'd like me to handle getting the piece back to you for the other settings..."
L. Neuhaus (Antioch, IL)

"Enjoying my buckles (Lion Wristwatch Buckles) by the way, catch myself looking at them throughout the day and smile."
C. Arnett (Torrance, CA)

"...The lion earrings are gorgeous! A perfect match for my pendant. Your usual beautiful craftsmanship. I'll be a return customer again."
S. Zippay (Portland, OR)

"Package made it. They ('Thunder' Horse Cufflinks) are gorgeous!! Thank you."
E. Powell (Lake Dallas, TX)

Thank you very much, Rick! Awesome cufflinks (Ghost Rider, rhodium-plated). My husband liked them a lot.
M. Bondareva (Bolingbrook, IL)

"I got this (Lion Charm) for daughter originally, and my wife loves it so much she wants one now. I received my larger one today (Lion Pendant, Style 403PE), and it's amazing. We love your work sir, thank you...
T. Troutman (McCook, NE)

Superb quality! Unbelievable detail on such a small piece of jewelry (Lion Stud Earring)! Especially considering that it's sterling silver and not gold.
A. Zuravlovs (Slovenia)

Hey Rick,
We got the ring (Lion Ring - R208 in 14K white and yellow w/rubies) and it’s absolutely wonderful. We are giving it to him tomorrow after he graduates. It’s better than the pictures. The rubies u picked look great. Thank you so much for your help.
Rodrick Johns (Ridgeland, MS)

"Hi Rick!
Just wanted to let you know the earrings arrived on Wednesday and they are even more amazing in person than online. I'd had my eye on them for a few months and am really glad I finally pulled the trigger...Thanks so much!"
E. Howley (Waltham, MA)

"Good evening Rick,
My panther charm is beautiful. I love the detail that you gave her. The morning of her being picked up she whispered her name to me. Her name is Lyla! I look forward to buying more jewelry from you. Have a safe Labor Day weekend."
K. Bjork (Miramar Beach, FL)

"...we just heard back from them over the last few days...he likes them ('Thunder' Horse Cufflinks) and mentioned that they are quite detailed. The Mrs messaged me as well saying he really likes them and that they were a good choice! Thanks again!"
T. Ho (Singapore)

"Arrived this morning and he's marvellous! (Wolf Key Ring) He really is beautiful and sits so comfortably in your hand. Stunning!"
K. Spangaro (Kent, UK)

"Dear Rick,
My boyfriend received the Lion Pendant. He loves it very much! It's awesome! thank you for your work."
C. Lui (Hong Kong)

"I wanted to thank you so much. I just got my (Lion Stud) bracelet. It's absolutely perfect and it's gorgeous. I really appreciate you making it for me. It matches the belt buckle, necklace, earrings..."
T. Gibens (Adamsville, TN)

"...I am waiting to know when my horse ships from Spain.  I know the Ghost Riders are family. I cherished mine and only gave it to the lovely woman who helped me find Solitario, a very, very special Spanish horse. For me it was a gift of deep thanks and love for Victoria for finding Rio and then spending a week helping us become one.  That pendant has been one of my favorite pieces since I bought it from you at a Lincoln Center craft faire many years ago. There is something very special about the energy it brings."
I. Berzak (Aiken, SC) 

Hi Rick:
Thank you for the prompt shipment of the small eagle cuff links. I received them yesterday. They are beautiful. Keep up the good work. Best regards!
A. Kuklin (Dedham, MA)

Hi Rick,
The Magnificent Elephant (Pendant, Black Sterling™) has landed! I am speechless. He is even more stunning than the photographs. There are not enough superlatives to describe his beauty and what he represents.  I have been to Tsavo and seen the elephants there, as well as other places in Africa. This is why I selected the tsavorite stone. And I very much appreciate the leather necklace!  How kind of you to provide it. Thank you so much for the exquisite design and workmanship of a truly memorable piece. He takes his place beside the beautiful lion pendant and earrings I previously purchased from you. I remain a loyal customer for life.
S. Zippay (Portland, OR)

Thanks, Rick! Received (Gold-plated Lion Money Clip) and it’s really nice!
E. Wright (Greenacre, Australia) 

Greetings Rick.
Received the package yesterday. Am amazed at the quality of the design and detail of the lion earrings, (Style 103E)Superb design - art deco meets gothic. It is a timeless piece of jewelry. The finish of the earrings, and construction of posts and omega clip are well executed. The earrings make a statement. Truly a signature piece that I wore on the day I received them. And look forward to wearing in the weeks and years to come.
Blessings to you.
L. Desker (Singapore)