Elephant Pendant or Pin/Brooch (Medium) - Sterling & 14K Gold

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Elephant Pendant in rhodium-plated Sterling with diamonds and Tsavorite
Our Elephant Head Pendant (or Elephant Head Pin/Brooch) is our first elephant design (Style 116PE-2). It is, we've been told, one of the best things we have ever done! The Elephant is available as a Pendant or as a Pin/Brooch*, in either rhodium-plated Sterling or Black Sterling™, with 14K gold tusks, .07ct TW VS diamond eyes, and a choice of a Ruby (.18ct), Sapphire (.18ct), Tsavorite Garnet** (.18ct) or Diamond (.15ct) in the tip of the trunk. All stone weights are approximate. (Note - If you want a different stone, or you want this in solid gold, please contact us). From the top of his head to the tip of his tusks, he measures approx. 1.35" or 34mm, and from side-to-side, he is 1.85 inches or 47mm wide. This is the larger of two sizes of the Elephant; see the smaller elephant, Style 116PE-1. *The clutch on the pin is 14K gold. **Tsavorite is a deep, brilliant green.