Elephant Pendant or Pin/Brooch (Medium) - Sterling & 14K Gold

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Elephant Pendant in matte Black Sterling™ with diamond eyes and a Sapphire; on model
Our Elephant Head Pendant is available in matte Black Sterling™, with 14K gold tusks, .07ct TW VS diamond eyes, and a Sapphire (.18ct) in the tip of the trunk; all stone weights are approximate. From the top of his head to the tip of his tusks, he measures approx. 1.35" or 34mm, and from side-to-side, he is 1.85 inches or 47mm wide. This is the larger of two sizes of the Elephant; see the smaller elephant, Style 116PE-1. The picture showing two elephants side-by-side, is provided so that you can judge the comparative size of the small versus the medium versions.