14K or 18K Gold Snake Cufflinks (Octagonal)

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Snake Cufflinks (Octagonal) in 18K matte yellow gold with rubies
These octagonally-shaped Snake Cufflinks are minimalist, ultramodern...and possibly unique: a member of the Board of a New York museum once told us she believed that our snake motif had "no artistic precedent". Since they were literally designed from a vision, she may be right. Offered in 14K or 18K matte or polished gold, with tapered baguette sapphires (.15ct tw), rubies (.15ct tw) or diamonds (.16ct tw).They are simple, clean and elegant - one of two snake cuff link designs in our men's collection; also see our hex snake cuff links.
Size: 1" (25mm) long and 1/2" (12.7mm) wide