14K or 18K Gold Eagle Head Cufflinks & Studs

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Eagle Cufflinks & Studs in 18K
Symbolic of graceful, quiet strength, these Eagle Cufflinks (or Eagle Cuff Links & Studs), really soar! Designed from a dream, all of our eagles combine Nez Perce and Art Deco influences. Offered here in solid gold, they are polished with light hand antiquing for detail. The Cufflinks have .02ct TW diamond eyes; the Cufflinks & Studs have .04ct TW diamond eyes. One of three eaglehead cuff link designs in our Eagle Jewelry collection; also see our small eagle head cufflinks.

Size: cufflinks measure 7/8" or 22mm high; tuxedo studs measure 9/16" or 14mm high