"...a special thank you for my beautiful (Wolf) ring. For the last 12 years my husband and I have been the caretakers of a small wolf dog sanctuary. People have said that I rescued these animals, but in reality, they have rescued me. On December 29 I lost Sophie. She was a high content wolf dog that I rescued when she was 10 months old. When she passed, she was 10 years old. She was always a wild free-spirit and my spirit heart. She was the female pack Alpha and the pack storyteller. I always said, when she howled she was telling the pack story to the world. My heart was broken...until I saw your ring. I told my husband I felt at peace when I looked at it... The moment I put it on my finger I knew that's where it belonged. It holds the spirit of the Hawk's Run pack, it holds Sophie's spirit..." S. Spangler (Tennessee)
"I have just received (Lion) earrings and pendant! Wow...absolutely FANTASTIC! Better than Versace's lion. Lion is ... my favourite animal and this lion's representations is a true, marvellous work of art..." Ale Di Padova, (Milan, Italy)
"I love it! (Prancing Mare Horse Ring, R213) My eyes keep going back to it on my finger. Your craftsmanship is impressive and you're absolutely right about your stone setter. The ring is very solid and smooth." E. Lemans (San Francisco, CA)
"We received your - let me call it... true masterpiece (14K gold Wolf Ring) ...We were speechless when seeing it for the first time. My husband was overwhelmed because he didn´t expect the ring to be so big and beautiful! And at some time in the future our son Tyson Wolf will get the ring from his father. . .isn´t that a nice story to end the year with?..." J. Thimm (Sauldorf, Germany)