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Snake Cuff Bracelet

Snake Bracelet (Style 002B)

Our Snake Head Bracelet is actually a cross between a cuff bracelet - it's open on the side of the wrist - and a bangle with a discrete hinge that allows you to lift the snake's head about 3/4" - just enough to get it on or off. This sleek, modern Serpent is completely unisex, and is part of our Snake Jewelry collection for men and women.

Size: maximum width is 1-5/8" (41mm), and it comfortably fits a 6-1/2" (16.5cm) - 7" (17.8cm) wrist.


Snake Bracelet in polished Sterling

Snake Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Snake Cuff Bracelet (hinged) in polished Sterling

Snake Bracelet (hinged) in polished Sterling Shown: Snake Head Cuff Bracelet (Snake Head Bangle Bracelet) in polished Sterling Silver.

Sterling Snakehead Cuff Bracelet (Hinged) - $725

Polished Finish only

Our Snake Bracelet, which is generally worn at the wristbone, is made in a standard size for a 6-1/2 - 7" (16.5 - 17.8cm) wrist.





Snake Bracelet synonyms:

Snake Cuff Bracelet
Snakehead Cuff Bracelet
Snake Bangle
Snake Bangle Bracelet
Snake Head Bangle Bracelet
Snakehead Bangle Bracelet
Snakehead Bracelet
Snake Head Bracelet
Serpent Bracelet
Serpent Cuff Bracelet
Serpent Bangle Bracelet