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Snake Ring | Serpent Ring

Available in:   14K & 18K Gold

Snake Ring (Style R2002)

Our sleek, minimalist Snakehead Ring is completely unisex. One NY legislator even wears it as a wedding ring. I've been told that this snake ring design has no artistic precedent and, since I literally saw it in a vision, that may be true. The ring allows slight size adjustment by the wearer because of its 'open circle' design. Part of Cameron Design's Snake Jewelry collection.

Size: 1/2" (13mm) high

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“’s (Snake Ring) absolutely beautiful. Just how I imagined it would be. ... Well done and thanks for all your hard work.”
J. Simmons (U.K.)

Snake Ring - 18K gold with ruby
Shown: Snake Head Ring in 18K Yellow Gold w/Ruby; Polished Finish.

14K or 18K Gold Snake Ring


Stone Weights (approx): sapphire or ruby - .09ct; diamond - .05ct. Polished Finish only.

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Snake Ring synonyms:

Snakehead Ring
Snake Head Ring
Snake Design Ring
Serpent Ring