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Wildlife Rings | Animal Head Rings

Handmade in the USA

Images are NOT to scale

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Lion Ring - Sterling & 18K gold with ruby

Lion Head Ring

Horse Ring - rhodium plated STerling with sapphires

Horse Ring ('Prancing Mare')

Eagle Stud Ring - 18K gold with Sapphire

Eagle Ring

Lion Stud Ring - 18K gold with diamonds

Lion Ring

Horse Ring - Sterling & 18K gold with pink tournaline

Horse Ring ('Thunder')

Snake Ring - 18K gold with ruby

Snake Ring

Horsehead Ring in Sterling

Horse Ring ('Flowing Thunder')

Horse Ring (Ghost Rider) - 18K Gold with diamonds

Horse Ring ('Ghost Rider')

Wolf Ring - antiqued Sterling

Wolf Ring


The Cameron Collection, launched in 1990, features Deco-inspired wildlife jewelry and accessories for those in search of
something out-of-the-ordinary. Depicting horses, lions, wolves, panthers, eagles, serpents and other animals and
nature themes in an elegant blending of fantasy and realism, our sophisticated designs offer a bold and unusual look in
men's and women's jewelry. All of our work is sculptural, interpreting the natural beauty of the world around us,
particularly the majesty of the animal kingdom. Each design evokes distinctive, powerful and graceful images.