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Snake Earrings ('Zig Zag')

Available in:   Polished Sterling   |   Gold-plated Sterling

Snake Earrings (Style 501E, 'Zig Zag')

Sleek and modern, these Serpent Earrings sway with every movement of the person wearing them. They were inspired by a vision---my first and, so far, only. A Director of a New York museum said that, to her knowledge, this representation of a snake had no artistic precedent; that certainly makes the vision a very special 'gift'! This unique rendering of the snake is the basis of our Snake Jewelry collection. (Note: this design can also be made as a Brooch or Pendant; call or email to order).

Size: 2-1/4" (5.7cm) long

"We received the (501E Snake) earrings today, & they are great! Thx so much,"
N. Glass (Dallas, TX)

Snake Earrings in polished Sterling

Serpent Earrings in polished Sterling
Shown: Serpent Earrings in polished Sterling

Sterling Snake Earrings ('Zig Zag') - $195

Polished only

Our 'Zig Zag' snake head earrings come with (14K gold) posts only, allowing maximum freedom of movement.

photo to come

Sterling Snakehead Earrings ('Zig Zag') - $219

18K Gold-plated Sterling (heavy gold-plating - 1 micron/40 mils)

Our 'Zig Zag' snake head earrings come with (14K gold) posts only, allowing the earring to sway with the wearer's movement.

Snake Earrings synonyms:

Snake Head Earrings
Snakehead Earrings
Snake Design Earrings
Serpent Earrings
Serpent Whisperer Earrings
Serpent head Earrings
Serpenthead Earrings
Serpent Design Earrings