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Someone emailed recently to say that he loves our Wolf Ring, but could we make it for him out of a less expensive metal (than Sterling Silver). As a test, we offered to make him one in stainless steel - which we had done some experimenting with - at a cost of $130 (vs. $245). The customer responded that the price seemed very steep for stainless. We explained that the price was based less on the metal than on the extensive hand labor involved in achieving the fine detail and crisp, clean finish that typifies our work and which, in fact, was more costly for stainless because of its hardness than for Sterling. We also pointed out that the (Chinese?) wolf rings offered on on Ebay and Amazon are generally simplistic and crude, requiring the barest minimum of hand finishing and, for the most part, depict the wolf as ferocity incarnate. Our deco-influenced wolf design, on the other hand, attempts to convey the nobility and intelligence of the wolf.

The difference between the Cameron Wolf Ring and the typical wolf ring offered on the internet is the difference between nobility and savagery. In fact, it's akin to the difference between the wolves (of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming) and the 'humans' who trap, poison, or hunt them from the air!


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